Mar 1, 2011


Here is a treat for you food lovers there in Tagum. No, I am not giving away free food coupons. I am just going to tell you where to get the best tasting fresh lumpia in Tagum City.

No, it is not regularly sold in your usual restaurant or food joints, but you need to order at least a day before to have a taste of this lumpia. Even big time caterers from this proud city ask for bulk orders once valued customers ask for Fresh Lumpia to be part of their menu.

Here is Mila's Delights FRESH LUMPIA. They concocted their own wrapper, experimenting at first until reached the perfection of a smooth fresh lumpia wrapper. For the filling, the key ingredient is the "UBOD NG NIYOG" as google translater put it Coconut pith. Added with other vegetable like carrots and sprinkled with spices, the filling is quickly fried to maintain its natural sweetness and crispiness. 

the anatomy of a fresh lumpia

Wrapping fresh lumpia is like an art that needs religious practice to be perfected. The secret though is not wrapping a very hot filling right away. Let it cool for some time before you work with your filling, your toppings(which may include cheese and peanuts) and your presentation.

Oopps, lets not forget the sauce - the one that completes a fresh lumpia. Mila's Delights got this yummy sauce specially made for their fresh lumpia.
Salivating now? Try Mila's Delights Fresh Lumpia. Tell your friends living in Tagum or visiting Tagum to try Mila's Delights. They also make a mouth watering Leche Flan, Chicken Lollipop and many more! 

For orders, you may comment below this post leaving your contact details.


  1. Do they have a branch in Manila? I'm sure they will be a sure hit because of the number of food aficionados we have in Manila right, plus the fact that they provide quality food will make ManileƱos crave for more.

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  4. what other recipes in your shop? and where would be the place?