Nov 12, 2009

Foodie XPRMNT - Pizza Melt ala "D"

Here i am in the Kitchen... craving for something rich and cheesy...

Blame it to my taste buds and my cravings that I tend to conquer the kitchen and ransack the fridge...

With the following ingredients at hand:

1. Loaf of Bread - we are a big patrons of JANICA Bakeshop
2. Quick Melt Cheese - i am using EDEN's quickmelt cheese
3. Ground Beef
4. Tomato Sauce
5. Various Spices

I present to you... my very own PIZZA MELT

If you can remember, years before, JOLLIBEE came out a variety of their pies called PIZZAMELT... I am totally a big fan of it that I was a bit disappointed when they ditched it from their menu...

Making these is very simple that you may do these with your kids at you very own home kitchen..

1. Prepare the filling:
- the SAUCE, is like what you used for spaghetti but for this particular dish you have to make it thicker. That is how easy it is.
-the CHEESE - i will give you the choice of either using grated or sliced cheese. as for me, the thicker the cheese the yummier it is.

2. Once the filling is done just set it for awhile.

3. Spread a generous amount of filling to your bread, top it with cheese and put another bread on top.

4. You may toast or bake the sandwiches. Whichever is available. For me, we have this special kind of toaster that divides a sandwich into half.

5. Pizza melt is best served warm...

the oozing cheese is heavenly

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