Apr 3, 2011

These are FEW of my FAVORITE things - POWERSPOONZ

I may be out of tune with this post; but hey, this belongs to the FAVORITES category. Its been awhile since I made a post about my favorite things. This time I will be writing about my latest DISCOVERY. It is quiet surprising for I am not a big FAN of NOISY Rock Bands, but the kind of the noise this band brings sends me to Nirvana (exxagerating a notch there).

I heard and seen them first at the ATTACK OF THE SOUTH Gig in Davao of March 26, 2011. They were with Urbandub (another favorite) who topbilled the event. I went to the event because of Urbandub, not knowing that I will be meeting one of the Most Awesome Bands of my time. This time, its not an exxageration! Its a FACT.

Powerspoonz @ Davao

Like the now popular band URBANDUB, Powerspoonz hails from the Queen City of the South - CEBU! Composed of Francis "Akit" Po on Vocals, Franklin "Franny" Veloso and Brian "Baby Brian" Estellore both on Guitars, Ian Lim "Yanix"  Sekong on Drums and Simon "Boobop" Nuñez on Bass, the guys are among those respected bands in Cebu. With quiet a number of followers in their hometown, they are also getting famous in some parts of Mindanao like Davao and General Santos City through internet.   

Speaking of the Power of Internet, Powerspoonz are one of the newer bands to lend their musical talents to Live! The Album, and already their sounds are inspiring Filipino gamers worldwide! Their music can be heard worldwide, as two of their song “Bakbakan” can be heard at the Game Heroes site! Game Heroes is dedicated to all the online gamers worldwide that are the very pinnacle of their favored online game. Another song, "Barrio" can be heard at the Level up! Music Site!

The blend of rap, hip-hop and nu metal of Powerspoonz originals are addictive. I even have "Fire on the Dance Floor", as my phone's Ring Tone. I never grow tired in listening to "Serendipity" which is one of their slow tracks. 

Another quality of the group that got me attracted to them is their never-ending energy during a live performance. It seems like Powerspoonz' music and performance electrify their crowd and turn them into Spoonhead Zombies - in a good way. The MUSIC and ENERGY is CONTAGIOUS!

As written, Powerspoonz gains its influence from such genres as; reggae, rock, nu metal, progressive,industrial and old skool rap amongst others. In some of their performances, it is evident that the group is inspired by Bob Marley and Damien 'Jr. Gong' by covering them both.

You may haven't heard about Powerspoonz yet my Dear Readers! One thing I can tell you, WATCH OUT FOR POWERSPOONZ! 

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