Oct 12, 2011

Foodie Critic: FIRE & ICE GRILL and STEAK BAR

In the late 90's, Anchor Driving Range gained its popularity among the golf enthusiast in General Santos and its neighbors. As years gone by, different management come and go in handling the said establishment. Before the year 2011 ends, the once Anchor Driving Range will be undergoing extreme make over through a new management under the supervision of businessman Mr. Rey Billena, transforming it into GENSAN SPORTS CENTER. Come this 11-11-11, watch out for grand opening of the newest food, sports and wellness center in General Santos City. For you will surely HAVE FUN IN THE URBAN.

Meanwhile, together with the SocSKSarGen Bloggers, I was able to attend a week long taste testing at one GENSAN SPORTS CENTER initial offerings, the FIRE & ICE Grill and Steak Bar. So here is a brief review of the latter.

AMBIANCE. The non- air conditioned Fire & Ice Grill and Steak Bar gives you a casual dining experience.  The structure which is composed mainly of wood and native products is not intimidating though it looks like a high-end  Barbecue/Chicken Resto. If you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing dining experience, this is the place to be since Fire & Ice Grill and Steak Bar is far from the main road - less noise and less disturbance. The place is good for groups for it can accommodate up to 30 customers. Given that it is an open-air restaurant, it is best to go there for breakfast and for dinner. Do not fret, Gensan Sports Center has another restaurant to open which is air conditioned (hopefully be featuring it pretty soon)

FOOD. Fire & Ice won't be called a grill and steak bar for nothing - and boy their steak is something to watch out for. I am no chef but I can tell delicious from a so-so meal. This one from Fire & Ice surely belongs to the delectable steak in Gensan archive. Its meat is juicy and tender and the taste is not too salty with a hint of sweetness. The next time you crave for steak or you grew tired of your usual steak house, try Fire & Ice's steak. I also have to make mention of the beef stew they served that night, they should include it on their menu,retain its taste and they will surely get a best-seller out of it. Fire & Ice Grill and Steak Bar will be offering more menus once it will operate full blast.

SERVICE. Since it is a marketing introduction, I wont be reviewing about their service and staff. For that night, everyone was courteous and amiable.

OTHERS. Gensan Sports Center got a spacious and safe parking lot which is definitely a PLUS for the costumers. There is/are security guards from the gate that keeps track of who comes in and gets out. 

Haven't checked the rest rooms though, I do hope they would include them in their renovation as well.

Fire and Ice Grill & Steak Bar is open from 6 AM to 10 PM daily. It is located at the entrance of Gensan Sports Center (formerly known Anchor Driving Range) along National Highway, Gen. Santos City.


  1. Wow! nice post.. galing-galing nyong sumulat :)

  2. @nanardxz- thanks kaw unang nagsabi sa akin niyan sa BLOGGING WORLD!ahahaha

    dahil diyan, sayo na naman ang SMB share ko sa next food trip natin!

  3. yum..yum..yum....Hi carmate! hamishu! How much ang steak nila?

  4. @cidz- i mishue too dear carmate! wala pa silang pricelist ng menu nila.. pero i have a feeling na affordable sila.. :)

  5. wow dimple.. galing mo palang resto/food critic!

  6. thanks miss lynette and tolits! mishue carmate!

  7. wow.. sarraaap talaga jan atch? would love to dine there soon! :)