Oct 16, 2011

Birthday Special: Raphee @ 17

Rafi & the Coconut

Once in my life, I got a tall, fair skinned sister. She came all the way from Spain but she said she is a full blooded French Girl. She was only 15 years old when she came to our house and celebrated her 16th birthday with us. She loves to dance but she looks weird when she does. She tends to be noisy every time she gets excited but when she did not get enough sleep she acts like Cinderella's wicked step sister. She loves to explore and go out. We even let her ride the jeepney all by herself.  She loves the beach and most of all I can say she loves the Philippines.

We cannot send her a gift or even a card, it takes the local post office months for them to receive it, so here I am writing this blog entry specially for her.

Dear Raphaelle Auvigne ( i still cannot even spell your name right), you will never be forgotten. You are dearly missed and we wish you a happy birthday! From papa, mama and the rest of the people of Apopong love you! 


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