Jun 8, 2011

Foodie Critic: PIZAHAN

From the name itself, it is pretty obvious that PIZZA is the main attraction of this joint. With Mamma Marias introducing thin crust and huge pizza in General Santos City, followed by the equally famous Calda Pizza (both were featured on my previous posts) another Pizza Salon is getting popular for the Pizza lovers Generals.

If you are looking for a romantic place for your date, this is not the place for you. Pizahan is designed for a family, friend or a group who simply wants to enjoy each others company over pizza. Since it is an open space with picnic tables over big umbrella, the best time to dine there is late afternoon till the evening. Pizahan is more spacious compared to its neighbor Calda Pizza which is also has an Open Space Setting. We were at first a constant customer of the latter until they became too famous that they can no longer handle the growing demand of their customers specially on weekends and after work. Then we discovered this other PIZZA Joint on the same BLOCK which is less crowded and busy.

Hesitant at first but when I got a taste of Pizahan, I know I found a new place to go in times of my pizza cravings. Like its neighbor, Pizahan is generous with its spices, cheese and other toppings. Plus, its is a bit cheaper compared to its competitors. They also give freebies for its valued customer. Right now you XXL (36Inches) Pizza comes with 2 Pitchers of Ice Tea for FREE and for you XL (31inches) one pitcher of ice Tea. Aside from Pizza, they also got pasta and chicken meals on their menu.

During my last visit, they got new Pizza Recipes on their menu, like Shawarma and Barbecue among others. We usually order Quatro Stagione so appease everyone in my family's cravings.

Another worth noted is that Pizahan is open till Dawn and they serve beer incase you do not know. So if you are tired of the noisy bars and prefers the cozy type of drinking Spree Pizahan offers that type of fun.

Pizahan is located beside Lea's Pension House along Champaca          Street, General Santos City.                                  


  1. I also love Pizzahan! Will definitely go back there soon@

    Thanks for posting this. Reminded me to blog about my delicious experience there too.


  2. @bariles-- thanks for visiting!

  3. parang must try yung shawarma pizza! :)