Oct 1, 2009

My Taste of Ondoy

We always saw it coming!

We had been warned.. YEARS AGO!

But we never listened to the early SIGNS of TIME...

With what happened with the TYPHOON ONDOY and the following typhoons, i hope we all learned our lessons.

a view from the Hotel Aloha at 1:21 PM

I was in Manila when we were hit by ONDOY. The supposedly fun-filled and exciting weekend turned sour when we checked out of our HOTEL and found out that flood water is starting to rise. Making it hard for us to take a cab.


We spent half of the day soaked. WE were literally "basang sisiw". Then came a call that we have to go to ATTY VENCER's hotel to do some stuff for the BAR OPERATIONS. We have no choice but to take an overpriced PEDICAB cause they are the only means of transportation on that almost knee-high flood waters.

Thanks for the mission which seems to be tedious during that time for we were able to have a temporary shelter from the very bad weather.

There, we found out what is happening to the other parts of the METRO. Feeling super low, . I complained for getting wet and for walking in dirty flood waters. Oh what a shame realizing how lucky I am compared to the other people who lost their homes, properties and worst love one's with this wrath.

a view from the Hotel Aloha at 9:53 PM

What have I learned from this?

WELL, when Mother Nature cries out loud, we will be paying a GREAT PRICE...

So from now on, let us be NATURE's FRIEND...


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