May 10, 2011

Foodie Critic: ASIAN TONGUE

The Food-Lovers in General Santos City got something to watch out for this March 13 of 2011. Another food haven  that would be serving dishes that are popular in different Asian Countries and they literally call the place ASIAN TONGUE RESTAURANT.

Situated in an area where most Government Offices are stones throw-away, the Restaurant is a big add-on the a growing food industry of the city. Not to mention, another place to do the Gastronomic Adventure that most Generals are up to these days.

Together with the other Socsksargen Bloggers for an "invite-only" treat, I got the chance to have a first taste of what Asian Tongue has to offer. Let me start with the ambiance.

AMBIANCE. The structure of where Asian Tongue is standing was once a simple Barbecue Joint. From the outside, the place seems unassuming but wait till you step inside. The renovation created a great transformation for the place and will now be known-ASIAN TONGUE. From the name itself, expect an Asian Theme of the restaurant. Since it has no AC, its advisable for the place to serve the eating public beginning late afternoons till the wee hours of the evening or so. The lighting is perfect for couple who are out on date or for a group of friends who want to chill and dine. Asian Tongue offers live entertainment for diners as well which you might consider an added attraction. 

Note to Asian Tongue: One thing the management has to improve though is their restroom. Make sure not to turn-off your possible regulars with smelly restroom. A simple but CLEAN restrooms are a good to go.

Food. Asian Tongue served the bloggers a complete meal during their visit. First, we got a serving of the  interesting Cheesy Seaweed, which by the way a "freebie" for their diners; sort-of a give away while waiting for their orders. The Cheesy Seaweed is a deep fried seaweed topped with cheese powder. 

Cheesy Seaweed

Next, is the Asian Chicken Salad for appetizer which am pretty sure our friends who love fresh salad would surely enjoy. Then, we also got a taste of their Tom Yum soup - Asian Tongue gave an extra kick to this soup which is a must-try, Came the main course which is the Chef's Chicken Inasal. To complete the meal, the group was served with Asian Tongue's Palitaw made of glutinous rice balls with a filling of langka covered with generous amount of sesame seeds.

For the food, I give Asian Tongue Three out of Five Stars. All in all, the food is good but lets give them a chance to improve. Remember, the place is yet to prove itself.

purely Asian Palitaw

Service. Upon arrival, I was ushered to my table and was warmly welcomed by a staff. Everyone was giddy and seems pretty excited for the opening of the place. Everyone was all smiles - from the manager to the waiters. It must be because they are trying to create a good impression. I am just praying that they will retain the  type of service they gave us that night. Good note about the waiters are they were somehow trained on how to handle their customers. Its good to mention to the diners on how long they will be waiting for their meals and standing up for the time you promised and Asian Tongue can give you that. Two Thumbs Up for Asian Tongue's Service.

Other. Asian Tongue has Wifi, a bonus for you who cannot live to be disconnected for the world wide web.     

Asian Tongue is located along Roxas East Avenue in front the City Social Welfare and Development Office.

They will be open to the public on May 13, 2011!


  1. dimple!!! ang galing mong mag-review ng restaurant! you should post more blogs like this!!!

  2. @Sir orman-- thanks for the boost.. i sure will..