Oct 25, 2010


Less than 50% of the total registered voters turned out in my village, yet at 4:00 o'clock in the morning the canvassing is not halfway through. I wonder why. 

FLASHBACK. A day before, every streets in our village became unusually busy with suspicious people lurking, some on their foot and mostly on a motorcycle with an endless supply of gasoline trying to complete the final phase of their EVIL plan. On the other side, people trying to prevent these mischievous activities are outnumbered, literally letting them eat the DUST.

I am one of those who still believe that the FILIPINOS still have a big chance of reforming its POLITICAL SYSTEM. I am one of the few believers of the possibility of CLEAN ELECTIONS until today.

I came to realization, that most people here in our village do not want HONEST leaders, they wanted leaders who would think of their PERSONAL GAIN first above anything else. They do not want leaders who has good moral values but those who can give in and join them during their drinking and gambling sessions on the streets. They do not want a leader who can DISCIPLINE and put things in ORDER but still prefers those who tolerate their wrong doings. They do not want leaders who will work WITH them but those who will let them work FOR them. They do not care if they have an absentee leader as long as they can get money from them.

Obviously, I am sad. It is very depressing to know that people prefer two hundred pesos over a good leadership for three years. YOU. Yes you who exhange your vote over a hundred or two pesos, do not blame the government if you will experience RED TAPE in one of your dealings with the barangay. Do you think you will get special treatment because of what you've done? Think twice. They'll never remember your face. Worst, if you'll demand they will be answering you back with: "NABAYRAN NA KA NAMU!". Do not demand for better roads, it is the last thing on their mind. Do not expect to see your leader in his three-year term, he is too busy for you.

If you want a clean and good governance, you should do have done your part. Do not make decisions that you will later regret.

To you whom I share the same sentiment, let us not allow that the corrupt system swallow us. Let us stick to our principle. One or two of our kind can still make that little difference.

“Corruption is authority plus monopoly minus transparency.”


  1. My sentiments, exactly. Buti na lang napasok ka, congratulations.

  2. gang... the more important thing is that you have your credibility intact. you're still a winner in my eyes!

  3. Please take time to read and sign this petition against corruption and injustice done to my good friend Jose Luis Gonzalez's case here Thank you!