Jun 9, 2010

President Noynoy

Three days before we celebrate our nth Independence Day, our next President and Vice-President were finally proclaimed by the Philippine Congress.

Inspite of the Election Fraud issues and concerns raised, the Filipino will now have a new Tandem to lead our disease stricken country.

I had goosebumps watching the Proclamation. I voted for Noynoy. I was a visible supporter. Noynoy is my president and by the end of this month, Noynoy will finally be our President.

President Noy during his GENSAN visit

It is a refreshing thought, to hear, see and read things about this historic event on a positive note. People went out of their way. Some even seized the day, all wore their happy faces which seem to be a sign of relief that finally for a long period of time the real voice of the people are heard.

As for the CYNICAL, lets keep them for balance. Their existence will serve as a driving force for the people we put in position to strive hard and do what they have to do. Anxiety and apprehension from some of us is normal, but they will be outnumbered by the TEAM OPTIMISTS who will keep on praying and working for a better Philippines.

Few political rivals give full support to the new administration. As to quote Sen. Jinggoy Estrada, "it is a friendlier administration(Aquino's) compared to the previous administration (GMA's)".

President Noy during his GENSAN visit

Welcome to a more HOPE FULL Philippines!


  1. I hope that the Philippines can finally move forward. Great post! And great new layout, too!

  2. thanks Ayel... im also inlove with the new lay-out.. its a new feature from blogger.. :)