Feb 7, 2010


once i was asked, WHY DO YOU BLOG?... of course with a group of intellectual people waiting for your reply you really have to give them a beauty contest like answer... but now, as i make a little rewind i would probably answer it this way...


in a simplified form i would have said...

kasi KSP ako. gusto kong mapansin sa worldwideweb.

peru sa kasamaang palad, mag-iisang taon na akung blogger at may minimaintain na anim na blog, ay di pa ako kapansin-pansin... pero di ko inaalis na darating ang panahon na magiging bigating Blogger ako... FINGERS CROSSED (kahit na nauungusan na ako ng mga mas nakakabata sa akin)

But kidding aside, nagsimula akong magblog sa FRIENDSTER, halos copy paste lang ginawa ko doon...

and then came the time when i stumbled upon the then bariles republic. Right there and then, i searched for ways on how to start my own BLOG... Thus my first wordpress blog was born - CRYBABY.

Cry Baby at first is all about whining. Frustrations that I cannot easily spill out.. Then, i joined my very first ONLINE contest thru bariles republic the POOH and K Brosas contest, I did not got the first prize but at least i got consolation prize which was left unclaimed...

The CRYBABY evolved into a business blog which I used as a marketing strategy when i came to work for a STUDENT VISA CONSULTANCY that is when i became a blogspot user. Thus this blog and 4 other blogs courtesy if BLOGSPOT.

I got a page entirely dedicated to my younger sister - HAYLEY'S BOX, I also have a page for old photos KARAANG HUNDURAWAN, a page for the things that keeps me going, BUSY B, and the latest addition is a page for my org AIM HIGH KABATAAN.

Bariles Republic played a big role with my blogging. I may not be an active member of the SOX Bloggers but I always keep myself updated of the wuzz and buzz of the blogging world especially here in gensan. I get to know people online but never on an eye to eye basis.. I came across chances of meeting some of them but I always missed it.

That is why when my group organized a training for the young leaders of gensan, i made sure to include an intro to blogging on the list of the topics.. who else can give a satisfying talk about blogging here in GENSAN?... of course, its the man behind the multi-awarded blog GENSAN NEWS ONLINE MAG or popularly known BARILES REPUBLIC- mR. bARILes himself...

And he never failed us!.. tagging along two young bloggers of GENSAN, ALEXIS and RABSKY
and MARZ, at last i've met SIR ABEL..

photo-op with the IDOL

And I am quiet happy, cause my main objective of encouraging my group to become BLOGGERS themselves materialized, that a day after the seminar I see some of them started their own blogspot and more and more is asking about blogging to this day.. :)

group picture with Sir Abel, Rabsky and Alexis

I am still an amateur blogger. I know time will come that i'll be earning from ADSENSE too and my page will be constantly visited... I KNOW cause I BELIEVE..


  1. mabuti yung ginawa mo to encourage others to are already an effective blogger yourself.

    sana sali ka na sa mga meet ups ng mga gensan bloggers...

  2. @lito-- yeah. hope to see yo soon on our gatherings.. :)

  3. i love that te dimpz!

  4. I only read this now Dimpz. I did not realize until now that I have influenced you as a blogger. This gives me more than enough reason to continue what am doing - and that is to encourage young people in the region to write more positively about their localities.

    Thanks so much for this post.