Aug 26, 2009

im going YELLOW on 2010

i am one of the happiest person when NOYNOY announced his political plans for the 2010...

it started when the late President Cory died and cause uproar from the hungry for good governance FILIPINO people when i said, HEY, NOYNOY can be the next PRESIDENT...

Maybe i was reading too much of CONRADO DE QUIRO's "there's a rub" that i also eaten up his idea of NOYNOY for President wholly..

and then SEN. MAR ROXAS, had a PRESS CON announcing that he is making way for SEN. AQUINO for the upcoming PRESIDENTIAL bid...

It brought shivers to my spine. I never thought it's coming! But what i've been praying for is now coming to LIFE!

Some people might be pessimistic about SEN. NOYNOY running the country but this early i have decided on SUPPORTING him..

Here are some of the reasons why: ( from an article i read)

"All this is premised on a president we can trust. All this is premised on a president who does not crave power so badly she or he won’t part with it at all costs, least of all to the governed. All this is premised on a president who is as much willing to believe that the voice of the people is the voice of God as the voice of God is the voice of the people. All this is premised on a president who is one damn good person." (an excerpt for CDQ's there's a rub. CLICK here to continue reading...)


That is why i am going YELLOW!

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