Apr 24, 2009


@dimple, really? Hehehe! It’s really impressive! Imagine??? Flat TV’s in every room??? That’s usually reserved for hotel suites! I hope you can blog about your experience there. Thanks. :)
- bariles -

That inspired me to blog about using the new rooms of the 3rd floor of St. Elizabeth Hospital here in General Santos City.. here's how. My younger sister LAVINIA, wasn't feeling well for two days already. We had her checked with the Family doctor and advised her to get admitted. Rushed to St. Elizabeth, she was admitted and placed temporarily at the WARD SECTION because there are no any vacant rooms available. Spending almost the whole day at the WARD, we made reservations for her to be transferred to a Private Room. About 9:00 o'clock in the evening, she got transferred to the original ROOM 305 of the said hospital, located on its 2nd floor. The night she was transferred, a party was going-on at the newly inaugurated 3rd Floor of the hospital

During the Blessing
(Photo from BarilesRepublic)

Spending the night at the old ROOM 305, we never really planned of transferring and trying out the new rooms ST. ELIZABETH HOSPITAL has to offer. Not until the next morning when we visited some friends at the Billing Station of the same hospital and advised us to check out their new offering. Curious as we are, we did transferred and smiled cause we transferred to the new ROOM 305! Proud to say.. WE, my sister I mean is the very first patient to use ST. ELIZABETH HOSPITAL's ROOM 305

The Nurses' Station
(Photo from BarilesRepublic)

Amazed. Everyone's so giddy! The 3rd floor seems like a First Class Hotel! Now for ROOM 305

ROOM 305
am not sure about this though, but this one pretty much looked like our room
(photo from barilesrepublic)

WE were all smiles and we got all smiles from all the nurses. They were super duper extra accommodating. Almost answering all our needs.

For the room? Except for the hospital bed and some hospital gadgets, it would pass for a HOTEL ROOM..hihi

The private rooms of ST. ELIZABETH does not have a refrigerator though.. VISITING patients on a PRIVATE ROOM? planning of going there on a BIG GROUP, expect for some of you to do alot of standing for the private rooms are not designed for group visitors! Well, hospitals are not meant for gathering right?

Rating the Room from 1 to 10? i give them a 9!


Lets improve our services for the OLD-ROOMS users as well..

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