Jun 15, 2009

Putting on a POKERFACE...

As Conrad De Quiros correctly pointed out in one of his columns, " No, I do not mean music can tame the savage beast, I mean music can tame the savage breast.  .. But in this country, I don't know that either one applies: I doubt music has sufficient charms to soothe the savageness of public officials, in their nature on in any particular appendage  of their body."

The song started with a BANG but ended with a whimper.

That is how MARTY describes his last gig with his group 11TH FLOOR...

Invited by a friend to play for the BOTO MO, I-PATROL MO launching in GENERAL SANTOS CITY, they never thought that they will be treated badly.. VERY bad...

Here's why...

The group did not get a good explanation about what happened... No apologies or whatsoever...

Here's the thing, fifteen minutes after they were asked to STEP DOWN, we decided to go home, PISSED... and guess what'S ON TV when we got home?... SOCO the one with GUS ABELGAS and it still got 30minutes before BANDILA will go on air... totally adding fuel to the fire...

The Launching were well received by SOCSKSARGEN thats a fact... but the way they handled the activity was sort of a mess... another FACT!

Clean-up your ACT you a---h----s!

Note: Thanks to Mr. Lito Antoque for teaching me the art of embedding video in my blog... and for the video, thanks to Mr. Biboy Loable 


  1. ano ba yan!di man lang nila naisip ang effort ng band...sana pinatapos nlang.may oras pa man.its not easy to sing on stage tapos ganyan lang...and if valid talaga ang reason nila sana they had public apology.

    (thanks din for the acknowledment)

  2. @LITO - yeah.. and to think from the CHOOSING OF PIECE.. pagmemorize... pagpractice and all na ginawa ng grupo... they're so insenstive para gagunin lang sila..

    @Donna - lageh madam.. graveh ged..

  3. opps ...acknowledgement pala(kulang ng ge hehe)

    by the way.good luck sa 11th time wag na kayong papayag na ganun uli gagawin sa inyo..

  4. that was so not nice to do especially for a person who was just invited to sing there. grabe ha. sana tinapos na lang muna yung song. 4 minutes lang naman ata ung song eh.

    at hindi pa nag-explain or something. tsk!

  5. baga xag Lepz .. anah Lng ..

  6. UPDATE: i had a conversation with BIBOY LOABLE last weekend.. He informed me that a representative of MOR in the person of JOEY C, met up with the MUSIKALILANGAN Group to apologize after informing them on filing a case against the said station...

    after talks, and came up with an agreement..

    at least.. nangayo silag PASAYLO..

  7. Langya... laks trip ah... ang masama isa sa mga brod nmin binastos... lets say hinde bagay ang kata sa event... ipagpalagay nlng, pero it is very unprofessional n tratuhin ang performers ng ganun.... well, karma just go around.... sa taas b nmn ng 11th floor pag ikaw nahulugan ng karma eh.. baka mamatay ka... lol.....

  8. @anonymous- thanks for dropping by.. yeah! but good thing about this group though, di sila nagtatanim ng galit... when they were invited by the said station to play, they still answered the invitation... but here's a thing, they were not able to play kasi mag aalasdose na daw.. daming pumalag na banda that time.. to think ang iba galing pang POLOMOLOK and MARBEL.. pity on them..

  9. ala bang ibang update... hehehe... gusto ko lng kc ung title ng blog mo..... heheheh....

  10. @anonymous- no more update about this particular incident... but the group is already thinking twice before accepting invited specially from the station mentioned..